September is National Emergency Preparedness Month

How you can prepare for, plan, and be informed during emergency situations

Hiawatha, Iowa, September 10, 2009 – Emergency scenarios can happen at any time, in any place, and it’s crucial that the right tools are on hand so no time is wasted in dealing with a situation. For natural disasters and mass disasters, it is interesting to look at the Top 10 Myths that exist. While organizations such as National Safety Council and focus on providing tools and promoting preparedness it is ultimately up to each individual to plan and be prepared. September marks a month-long focus on the importance of emergency preparedness, headed by FEMA.

“National Preparedness Month 2009 (September 2009) will focus on changing perceptions about emergency preparedness and will help Americans understand what it truly means to be Ready.“*

For medical emergencies, certain emergencies demand a 4-minute or less time to respond appropriately for survival and recovery of the victim. It is important to work with organizations that understand the importance of being ready and offer comprehensive medical emergency training and tools. The American Heart Association’s chain of survival for Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) – the leading killer of Americans each year – is an example of one such organization that is educating and promoting preparedness and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) placements to improve 5% survival rates out-of-hospital from SCA to over 60% due to defibrillation during those first vital minutes after the event.

Dr. Donald Linder, doctor of emergency medicine at St. Luke’s Hospital – one of the nation’s Top 100 Heart Hospitals – says that AEDs are a key tool but is quick to also support adequate training and smart devices such as the American Lifeguard endorsed First Voice Emergency Instruction Device** (EID) for total medical first aid preparedness. “With over 3.8 million disabling workplace injuries in the US annually, and first aid and CPR skills studies showing only a six-week retention, EIDs provides a quality solution for the retention problem.”

“We’re in the business of saving lives. People need to take appropriate measures to be prepared for the unexpected, and our mission is to make sure there are products out there that offer the best assistance in an emergency first aid situation,” states Paula Wickham, CEO of Think Safe – a technology newcomer to the first aid industry that provides not only protocol compliant training products but real-time devices such as the First Voice EID and ResQr iPhone first aid apps.

The recent Macworld review of the ResQr First Aid &  CPR Coach iPhone app by certified American Red Cross CPR/ lifeguard, Lisa Schmeiser, wrote, “iPhone [or iPod Touch] apps provide a handy way to refresh a memory that’s gone blank in the face of an emergency or to provide first-aid knowledge you never thought you’d need… [ResQr First Aid & CPR Coach is an app that] Red Cross card-carriers and rookies alike can appreciate.”

As National Emergency Preparedness Month enters its second week, the goal of every citizen of the United States should be to think about what they are doing to be prepared. Whether it is training, researching and purchasing survival, first aid or other disaster preparedness products the key is to go through the exercise and understand what the risks are and using the resources available through any number of organizations to better protect themselves. The key to preparedness is being prepared.

* **endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association (

About Think Safe Inc

Think Safe Inc is committed to setting new standards for comprehensive emergency readiness and response. Manufacturing products for complete injury management and providing services that improve access to first aid and CPR training, Think Safe Inc products and services are a good fit for corporate and industrial environments, parks and recreational facilities, schools, convention and sport centers, remote or high-risk locations, and a host of other public gathering places. Think Safe Inc offers its patent pending systems in a variety of models, from a dedicated portable unit to software for computers and mobile devices. A selection of lightweight, portable cases and bags is available to meet various space, use, and environmental needs. For details about Think Safe Inc and its products, call Jen Mittan at 319-377-5125 or visit


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