AED Battery Recycle Program

April 9, 2014


Your expired AED battery can be used to create a “Re-Cell” or recycled battery that is manufactured using FDA approved GREEN TECHNOLOGY?

What are recycled AED battery packs and why do I need to know about them?

AED battery packs consist primarily of 2 components:

1.Lithium cells which are common and used in many products.

2. Housing around the cells that fit in specific AEDs. Recycling / Recell simply means replacing the lithium cells within a battery pack with new ones – the exact type and brand that were used originally by the AED manufacturer. The original case (housing) can be recycled multiple times. Here are some facts and features/benefits to the Recell batteries:

  • Battery has an identical warranty to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • FDA approved as a Class III medical device. ANSI/AAMI/IEC standards compliant.
  • Authorized by DOT (Department of Transportation)/United Nations of Tests and Criteria.
  • Full indemnification protection for harm or loss when used by the public.
  • Complete AED warranty coverage (these batteries do not void your AED warranty) when using our battery packs.
  • To purchase “Re-Cell” or recycled batteries (that are much more affordable) you must send us an expired battery.

Why do we Recycle or “Re-cell” the AED batteries?

  • AED batteries contain toxic, ignitable, and reactive hazardous waste that must be disposed of properly.
  • Just the battery housing that is dumped into U.S. landfills every year is equal to 2.3 million water bottles in volume.
  • Eliminate 200 tons of hazardous waste in landfills created annually by lithium AED battery packs.
  • Life saving AED devices should not kill the environment.

What AED batteries?

Philips FR2

HeartStart FRx or Onsite

PhysioControl/Medtronic Lifepak 500

PhysioControl/Medtronic Lifepak 1000

Cardiac Science 9146

Cardiac Science 9141

and more…


Call us at 888-473-1777 to verify if your batteries can be recycled or if you get money back.


Please complete the following form with information regarding the EXPIRED AED batteries you are returning. A customer representative will contact you with instructions and payment details. Or, call us at 888-473-1777 or email us!

Recertified Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Shopping?

April 8, 2014

Why buy recertified?  Is it safe?  Recertified AEDs are becoming more popular now that the AED industry is about 25 years old.  There are certain times when a recertified AED may be more viable than a new AED.  Primarily these situations are driven by budget but they also may derive from the need for brand consistency and perhaps the AED manufacturer is no longer making a certain model/brand.

• Zoll AED Plus: 7 years
• Zoll AED Pro: 5 Years
• Cardiac Science Powerheart G3: 7 years
• Cardiac Science Powerheart G3 Pro: 5 Years
• Physio-Control LifePak CR Plus: 8 years
• Physio-Control LifePak CR Express: 5 years
• Physio-Control Lifepak 1000:   5 years
• Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED: 10 years
• Defibtech Lifeline AED:  5 years
• Philips HeartStart Onsite AED:  5 years
• Philips HeartStart FRx AED:  5 years – See more at:

There are many questions when purchasing used or recertified AED devices.   The truth is that  people should not be able to tell the difference between a new and/or used recertified AED.  What are the differences?


  • Never been used
  • Longer warranty (usually 5-10 years)
  • New battery, electrodes, and accessories

Recertified AED

  • Previously used (usually traded-in when customer switches models or upgrades, sales rep demo unit)
  • Tested/Passed Tests done by biomedical certified professionals before resold
  • Warranty (3 months to 5 years, varies by company certifying or brand/model)
  • New battery, pads, but some other accessories may be used (case, download cable, etc)
  • Required to meet same performance standards as new devices
Are Recertified AEDs safe?  They are deemed safe only if the source performs the right testing and recertification procedures checklists are followed.

AED Recertification Checklist and Questions to Ask:

AED will be upgraded to current software updates for brand/model and current AHA guidelines (if upgrade available from manufacturer)

Each unit is connected to a defibrillator analyzer to simulate a shockable rhythm, and 3 shocks are delivered to assure the joule output is within FDA guidelines

All device and performance information is recorded and stored in both electronic and paper form

Visual inspection to ensure AED is in acceptable cosmetic condition

Device is thoroughly and meticulously cleaned

AED is accessorized and made patient-ready with electrodes and batteries installed

AED is turned on to initiate self-test that assures it is ready to be used in a rescue event

Battery and Pad expiration dates are recorded for automated setup of client reminders 90 days in advance of any replacement needed by end user

Package for shipment is prepared; AED should be shipped without battery installed

Quality Control inspects package for proper accessories and compared to packing slip

Order is professionally packed in accordance to Fedex/UPS regulations

AED tracing is submitted to the original manufacturer in accordance with FDA regulations

Before purchasing a recertified AED you should ask the dealer questions aside from finding out their conformity to testing procedures above.  Here is a list of appropriate questions to ask before buying and finding out the hard way that your investment was not a wise choice.

  • What is the warranty of the device?  What does the warranty cover?  What was the original factory warranty that has expired?
  • Are these units tested and what’s the process?
  • Are you an authorized dealer? For all manufacturers and brands?
  • Is the unit in stock? What is the serial number? When was it manufactured?
  • What is the return policy?
  • Does your company have liability insurance? (products and Errors & Ommissions/Professional? & General)?
  • Does the company provide any indemnity coverage or insurance certificate?
  • Does the device come with a loaner program if servicing is needed?
  • What accessories come with the AED?  Does 1 or 2 sets of pads come with it?  A case?  Download/upload cable or accessory?  User guide?  Operating manual?
  • Do you need to register the device with the manufacturer or will they?
  • What shape / condition is the unit in?  Can you see a picture? Was it used daily or infrequently?
  • Is this a monophasic or biphasic unit? (all AEDs should be biphasic per current AHA guidelines; older models may be monophasic)
  • Is there a training DVD or link that shows how to use the AED? Have them provide this, if so.
  • How expensive are replacement batteries and pads/electrodes?  How often do they need to be replaced?
  • How easy to find are the consumables – batteries and pads?  Is the manufacturer still manufacturing them?  Are they available after-market or generic?
  • How much would servicing cost if the AED needed servicing?  What are the procedures for servicing?
  • Is the most current software available installed on the unit?
  • Doe the device come with free download software and accessory tool?
  • Are recycled batteries available for the AED? What are the costs? Availability?
  • What is the perceived life left on this unit?
  • Is there a trade-in program for trading up to another AED (new or recertified) in the future?

Can You Tell Which AED
is New vs Recertified?

Our goal at is to give you outstanding service and
prodducts of the highest quality regardless of whether the
product is New or Recertified. We know you cannot tell
the difference in the products, but we assure you that one
of them is not new. That lack of distinction is the result we
labor for on every recertified device we sell.

– See more at:

Can You Tell Which AED
is New vs Recertified?

Our goal at is to give you outstanding service and
prodducts of the highest quality regardless of whether the
product is New or Recertified. We know you cannot tell
the difference in the products, but we assure you that one
of them is not new. That lack of distinction is the result we
labor for on every recertified device we sell.

– See more at:

Our goal at is to give you outstanding service and
prodducts of the highest quality regardless of whether the
product is New or Recertified. We know you cannot tell
the difference in the products, but we assure you that one
of them is not new. That lack of distinction is the result we
labor for on every recertified device we sell. – See more at:


Think Safe has recertified devices!  Need budget relief?  For current in-house inventory of available recertified AEDs and pricing from Think Safe (and all answers to the questions above about these recertified AEDs), please complete the form below, or call us at 888-473-1777.

Think Safe’s Unique Solutions Integrator Approach to Workplace Emergency Preparedness

April 7, 2014

Think Safe recently developed an integrated solution for one of the nation’s leading providers of accounting, tax and consulting services. This new client has more than 6,000 employees and associates in about 75 cities nationwide. The client’s goal was to have a best practice first aid program to include Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and appropriate first aid supplies that ensured a high-level of readiness at all times yet was user-friendly and affordable. The company’s office suites are low risk of injury workplaces but a specific goal was to address the need to respond to the nation’s biggest killer – Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) – which claims the lives of over 300,000 people annually.  Key decision makers at the company were well aware of some key information that OSHA had released on the topic. ” Employers should consider use of AEDs at their work sites to reduce the time to defibrillation with the goal of improving survival.”

These offices are now fully equipped to deal with any medical illness or injury-related emergency situations with their investment of proper first aid equipment, AEDs, and site specific employee training. This program and client showcase how multi-facility organizations can implement affordable employee benefit programs and safety practices that offer improved emergency preparedness across a common culture without human resources drain or capital drain.   The average cost per employee for the entire program was less than $2 per employee per year over a 5 year period (the costs drop to pennies per employee after that).

Will they ever get a return on this minimal investment?  Well, is saving even one life enough of a return?  One employee shared a story of an event that occurred at their office,  “An employee was walking by a tax partner’s office when she saw him slumped over his desk. It looked like he was sleeping so the co-worker went into his office and found him unresponsive.  The co-worker immediately initiated the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and an AED was retrieved by a tax secretary.  The secretary used the AED and revived the tax partner (shock was advised by the AED) while someone else called 911.  The tax partner was very fit and in good shape so it was a surprise to everyone when they found out he had a cardiac arrest.  The tax partner survived thanks to the AED machine and the quick action by the employees. The paramedics and doctors said the partner would likely have not have survived, if the defibrillator had not been used at the office and they had waited for EMS to arrive.”

In choosing Think Safe the above medical-related first aid emergency could be addressed.  However, Think Safe was picked as the provider of choice because they offered a unique, innovative, simple & user-friendly, and affordable AED and first aid program solution for other emergencies that might occur at the workplace.  Think Safe is the manufacturer and patent owner of the First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and this “first aid tablet” can guide employees through any major or minor first aid emergency and giving reminders or when to: call 911, check scene safety, use personal protection, provide treatment and how to or what not to do,  and what to do after the incident or during for record keeping.

Each client location implemented the following First Voice equipment and services (see picture):

Easy to access medical-related emergency equipment including AED, first aid kit,  Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and signage.

Easy to access medical-related emergency equipment including AED, first aid kit, Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and signage.


AED in carrying case with adult 4 yr pads, 4 yr battery and full 10 year warranty

Alarmed AED wall-mounted cabinet (helps aid in notification of AED use; response needed when alarm sounds)

“V-shaped” Wall sign  (8×10” faces) for above AED cabinet to help improve visibility of AED location from any angle

Tamper Evident AED Fast Response Scissors/Razor Kit with use instructions

Laminated AED Use Protocols (attached to AED case for easy reference during AED use)

Think Safe’s Patented First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) (automated first aid tablet,

50 Person OSHA/ANSI Compliant First Aid Kit with Pocket Refill System  (comes with tamper-evident seals)


To ensure legal protection and ongoing program compliance Think Safe also provided the following services:

Online & Blended Certified Training for CPR/First Aid/BBP (ILCOR/ECC/AHA/Red Cross/National First Aid Science compliant) that comes with Course Completion Tracking & Includes Refresher Training & Tracking

Training DVD or online training link for “Brand of preference” AED picked (HR Dept keeps this DVD and uses corporate key code for free AED training to provide any new employees or for use at employee meetings as a refresher training tool)

Think Safe documents provided for workplace postings help communicate key information. (Included with Site Administrator Toolkit)

Site Administrator Tool Kit to include all AED Program Communication Tools (AED Site Assessment assistance (where to put AED), Company-wide AED information distribution & Email notice templates, CPR/AED posters, AED policy template, Emergency Response Plan (ERP) documents & integration, EMS Notification/Registration, “AED Equipped” location stickers to remind employees of AED location inside office, inspection tag system, AED location thumbnail decals for evacuation/exit charts at facilities, Free AED prescription, and more…)

Online First Voice Manager AED Program Management Software for Auto Notification Reminders, Tracking & Reporting on AED consumables (pads, battery) and any first aid or other safety program supplies or training (works on any mobile device or PC with internet access)

Mobile compatible AED Inspection Tool with Continual 24/7 AED Maintenance Log Redundancy & Backup (proves AED was maintained if there is an incident involving use and someone does not survive; legal protection)

State/Local AED Owner Civil Liability Immunity Law Compliance & AED Program Medical Director Oversight, as needed

Equipment Recall Advice, Guidance and Warranty Servicing

Free AED Post-Event Review Technical Support & Incident Assistance

Free replacement pads/battery after any AED use event

Phone Technical Support or Online Technical Support

Contact us and mention this blog post and we’ll make sure you get a free site assessment and Site Administrator Toolkit information. 

Let Think Safe provide you more information on this unique, effective solutions integrator approach to workplace emergency preparedness, AED programs, or first aid programs.  Please  fill out the form below,email us or call us at 319-377-5125.