Wiping Out Covid-19: A Guide to the Best Type of Disinfectant Wipes to Buy During the Pandemic (or Cold and Flu Season)

October 22, 2020

How Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) Aids Alcohol in Disinfecting Hard Surfaces and Protection from COVID-19

Alcohol and BZK are a winning combination and are useful where the level of sanitation is critical and additional precautions need to be taken to prevent spread of disease. Thus, they are important in hospitals, day care centers and healthcare facilities and other environments with high concentrations of infectious bacteria. In the home environment, they may be needed for the nursing care of sick individuals with specific infections, or for those whose immune systems have been weakened by chronic disease, chemotherapy or transplants.

Antibacterials may be divided into two groups according to their speed of action and residue production: 

  • The first group contains those that act rapidly to destroy bacteria, but quickly disappear (by evaporation or breakdown) and leave no active residue behind (referred to as non-residue-producing). Examples of this type are the alcohols (ethanol and isopropanol), chlorine, peroxides, and aldehydes. According to the CDC, alcohol wipes are just as effective at killing COVID-19 on surfaces and may be easier to find in stores than other approved disinfectants — but make sure that the concentration is at least 70% alcohol. 
  • The second group consists mostly of newer compounds that leave long-acting residues on the surface to be disinfected and thus have a prolonged action (referred to as residue-producing). Common examples of this group are triclosan, triclocarban, and benzalkonium chloride (BZK). BZK is an antibacterial widely used as a germicide in clinical medicine. Benzalkonium chloride, along with both ethanol and isopropanol, is deemed eligible by FDA for use in the formulation of products used in hospitals/doctors’ offices. 

Although BZK (as a primary active ingredient) isn’t a CDC approved alternative to 70% concentrated alcohol wipes, it is an FDA approved antiseptic, antimicrobial and fast-acting biocidal agent which reduces/kills 99.9% of germs, virus, fungi, bacteria. 

Think of BZK as a “plus one” in the fight against COVID-19 when combined with CDC recommend alcohol-based products.

BZK provides a greater protection barrier than alchohol because it dries on average an estimated 10 to 15 seconds slower than alcohol-based sanitizers, which inadvertently allows for a more efficacious coverage (up to 4 hours of residual protection) and minimizes the number of reapplications needed. 

BZK and > 70% Alcohol Disinfecting Wipes are proven by studies to be the winning combination. CLICK TO SEE OUR FULL PPE CATALOG. If you are a distributor or wish to become one, please contact support@firstvoice.us for special pricing and catalog.


CDC Guideline for Disinfection and Sterilization in Healthcare Facilities (2008): https://www.cdc.gov/infectioncontrol/guidelines/disinfection/disinfection-methods/chemical.html

Evaluation of a BZK hand sanitizer in reducing transient Staphylococcus aureus bacterial skin contamination in health care workers: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0196655319308119

Safer Disinfectants on EPA’s List of Recommended Antimicrobial Products for the Use Against Novel Human Corona Virus: https://thinksafe.files.wordpress.com/2020/10/updated-safer-disinfectants-epa-list.pdf

Doctor Challenges CDC Claims on Hand Sanitizer Against Coronavirus: https://wjla.com/news/nation-world/doctor-challenges-cdc-claims-on-hand-sanitizer-against-coronavirus

Think Safe’s PPE Offering

October 1, 2020

Featured Product: Alcohol Wipes

We also offer wholesale bulk pricing to those that qualify, please call 319-377-5125. Or contact us via email at customercare@think-safe.com.


Click on one of the following links for more product information including active ingredients showing BZK and Ethyl Alcohol! (Great for healthcare/cleaning COVID-19.)

SDS Sheet
Product Flyer

Think Safe is Your Forefront PPE Partner in the Fight Against COVID-19!

With teamwork and tireless effort, Think Safe is continuously striving to keep our clients, as well as our frontline heroes safe in the battle against COVID-19. Extensive collaboration with our manufacturing partners is helping us stay ahead of the need for PPE and cleaning products that are so vital for the safety of everyone. 

In Stock PPE

  • Masks
  • Face Shields
  • Disposable Gowns
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • UV Light Wands
  • Thermometers
  • Infection Control Kits
  • Travel Kits

San Benito CISD Launches EMMA — Emergency Management Mobile App

September 22, 2020

San Benito, TX – September 3, 2020 San Benito CISD has launched a new school safety mobile application and software system called EMMA.  EMMA is a mobile and PC-friendly application that allows connected devices of the school and staff to receive notifications and communicate anytime.  EMMA is designed as a comprehensive safety system be used for virtually any situation or threat where it is necessary to protect and communicate efficiently.  EMMA offers a full offering of prevention, response and management for very critical emergencies or everyday communications that impact the staff and students at San Benito CISD.

Targeted alerts and responses can occur in a defined geographic area of the school district through the GPS geofencing and mapping feature within EMMA’s unique notification system.  This allows only those in an impacted area to get the alerts versus often ineffective mass alerts across large geography that are not relevant. In addition, those receiving alerts can also respond back, which is over and above any capability of the US 911 Wireless Emergency Alert Network and current technology of dispatch centers. EMMA provides significant upgrades to public safety officials at San Benito CISD.

San Benito Police Communications Gale Jones says,

“EMMA’s solutions are flexible and easy to manage, allowing San Benito’s leaders to choose the functionality that works best for our population. We can better protect at-risk individuals real-time and have timely, reliable, targeted and relevant notifications. In addition, it enables coordinated responses not only in our daily communications but also across 911 public safety channels for first response and emergency management. EMMA allows integration with other safety & security systems so that we have more knowledge and communication at San Benito CISD to run our daily operations center and eliminate risks. “

EMMA allows rights and privileges to users based upon their status as students, staff, public safety or administration. All users can utilize the system to report to a responsible party if they see something (students anonymously reporting a threat) or to disseminate information on what to do to take action (staff and administration following public safety directions).  The system is designed to include public safety personnel and ensure there is no wasted time in the 911 emergency communications or public safety personnel due to 911 integration that can be enabled.  In addition, the embedded EMMA 911 call for help button and the EMMA SOS! allows any San Benito CISD dispatch personnel for San Benito CISD to see that a user of the EMMA system has called 911 and the GPS location of the user needing help or who sees a threat.  This feature ensures proper additional communication spreads to others that need to take action immediately, without cell tower or potential overburdened 911 call system delays.

EMMA was developed by Think Safe as a system that solved a long-standing problem of client emergency communication at workplaces and schools, especially across large geographic areas and populations.  Think Safe’s data analysis of workplace and school medical and other emergencies led Company President, Paula Wickham, to question why smart devices and PCs could not utilized more effectively to solve this problem.  “Time is precious, seconds and minutes matter.  This is especially true in emergency events or threats and reliance on only using a smartphone to dial 911 is inefficient. That smart device and connected PCs are valuable tools that can be part of the solution if we engage updated software technology, which keeps overhead and capital expenditures down while improving security and safety. EMMA was designed as a best practice solution where clients can customize the features and icons or systems used based upon what they needed for their population and geography.”

San Benito Director of Student Services Ray Saldana states,

“It makes us proud to be leading the way in school safety and security with EMMA and offering technology as a solution to our public safety team at San Benito CISD.  Not all school districts have funded these types of initiatives or they are using systems that are not as efficient, scalable and cross-functional.  We are very proud of our safety and security team for their proactive and conscientious effort to provide very important safety updates to our school district. We want our stakeholders to feel confident that San Benito CISD is constantly reviewing and revising our safety systems. All in our effort to ensure the safety and security of all of our students, parents, staff and visitors.”

About Think Safe, Inc.

EMMA is a software system that includes PC and mobile application solutions that has been developed and is supported by Think Safe, Inc. in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Think Safe, Inc. is committed to bringing technology into the field of emergency readiness and response and owns and continually engages in development of patented hardware and software solutions. Think Safe provides products and services that improve access to first response and improve emergency training to facilitate improved emergency response while decreasing threats to improve outcomes. To learn more about Think Safe and its products or services, please visit www.think-safe.com and to find out more about EMMA go to: https://www.emmaadmin.com/

Think Safe’s Unique Solutions Integrator Approach to Workplace Emergency Preparedness

February 7, 2017

Think Safe recently developed an integrated solution for one of the nation’s leading providers of accounting, tax and consulting services. This new client has more than 6,000 employees and associates in about 75 cities nationwide. The client’s goal was to have a best practice first aid program to include Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) and appropriate first aid supplies that ensured a high-level of readiness at all times yet was user-friendly and affordable. The company’s office suites are low risk of injury workplaces but a specific goal was to address the need to respond to the nation’s biggest killer – Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) – which claims the lives of over 300,000 people annually.  Key decision makers at the company were well aware of some key information that OSHA had released on the topic. ” Employers should consider use of AEDs at their work sites to reduce the time to defibrillation with the goal of improving survival.”

These offices are now fully equipped to deal with any medical illness or injury-related emergency situations with their investment of proper first aid equipment, AEDs, and site specific employee training. This program and client showcase how multi-facility organizations can implement affordable employee benefit programs and safety practices that offer improved emergency preparedness across a common culture without human resources drain or capital drain.   The average cost per employee for the entire program was less than $2 per employee per year over a 5 year period (the costs drop to pennies per employee after that).

Will they ever get a return on this minimal investment?  Well, is saving even one life enough of a return?  One employee shared a story of an event that occurred at their office,  “An employee was walking by a tax partner’s office when she saw him slumped over his desk. It looked like he was sleeping so the co-worker went into his office and found him unresponsive.  The co-worker immediately initiated the Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and an AED was retrieved by a tax secretary.  The secretary used the AED and revived the tax partner (shock was advised by the AED) while someone else called 911.  The tax partner was very fit and in good shape so it was a surprise to everyone when they found out he had a cardiac arrest.  The tax partner survived thanks to the AED machine and the quick action by the employees. The paramedics and doctors said the partner would likely have not have survived, if the defibrillator had not been used at the office and they had waited for EMS to arrive.”

In choosing Think Safe the above medical-related first aid emergency could be addressed.  However, Think Safe was picked as the provider of choice because they offered a unique, innovative, simple & user-friendly, and affordable AED and first aid program solution for other emergencies that might occur at the workplace.  Think Safe is the manufacturer and patent owner of the First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and this “first aid tablet” can guide employees through any major or minor first aid emergency and giving reminders or when to: call 911, check scene safety, use personal protection, provide treatment and how to or what not to do,  and what to do after the incident or during for record keeping.

Each client location implemented the following First Voice equipment and services (see picture):

Easy to access medical-related emergency equipment including AED, first aid kit, Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and signage.

Easy to access medical-related emergency equipment including AED, first aid kit, Emergency Instruction Device (EID) and signage.


AED in carrying case with adult 4 yr pads, 4 yr battery and full 10 year warranty

Alarmed AED wall-mounted cabinet (helps aid in notification of AED use; response needed when alarm sounds)

“V-shaped” Wall sign  (8×10” faces) for above AED cabinet to help improve visibility of AED location from any angle

Tamper Evident AED Fast Response Scissors/Razor Kit with use instructions

Laminated AED Use Protocols (attached to AED case for easy reference during AED use)

Think Safe’s Patented First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID) (automated first aid tablet, http://www.think-safe.com/FirstVoice/EmergencyInstructionDevice/tabid/285/Default.aspx)

50 Person OSHA/ANSI Compliant First Aid Kit with Pocket Refill System  (comes with tamper-evident seals)


To ensure legal protection and ongoing program compliance Think Safe also provided the following services:

Online & Blended Certified Training for CPR/First Aid/BBP (ILCOR/ECC/AHA/Red Cross/National First Aid Science compliant) that comes with Course Completion Tracking & Includes Refresher Training & Tracking

Training DVD or online training link for “Brand of preference” AED picked (HR Dept keeps this DVD and uses corporate key code for free AED training to provide any new employees or for use at employee meetings as a refresher training tool)

Think Safe documents provided for workplace postings help communicate key information. (Included with Site Administrator Toolkit)

Site Administrator Tool Kit to include all AED Program Communication Tools (AED Site Assessment assistance (where to put AED), Company-wide AED information distribution & Email notice templates, CPR/AED posters, AED policy template, Emergency Response Plan (ERP) documents & integration, EMS Notification/Registration, “AED Equipped” location stickers to remind employees of AED location inside office, inspection tag system, AED location thumbnail decals for evacuation/exit charts at facilities, Free AED prescription, and more…)

Online First Voice Manager AED Program Management Software for Auto Notification Reminders, Tracking & Reporting on AED consumables (pads, battery) and any first aid or other safety program supplies or training www.firstvoicemanager.com (works on any mobile device or PC with internet access)

Mobile compatible AED Inspection Tool with Continual 24/7 AED Maintenance Log Redundancy & Backup (proves AED was maintained if there is an incident involving use and someone does not survive; legal protection)

State/Local AED Owner Civil Liability Immunity Law Compliance & AED Program Medical Director Oversight, as needed

Equipment Recall Advice, Guidance and Warranty Servicing

Free AED Post-Event Review Technical Support & Incident Assistance

Free replacement pads/battery after any AED use event

Phone Technical Support or Online Technical Support

Contact us and mention this blog post and we’ll make sure you get a free site assessment and Site Administrator Toolkit information. 

Let Think Safe provide you more information on this unique, effective solutions integrator approach to workplace emergency preparedness, AED programs, or first aid programs.  Please  fill out the form below,email us or call us at 319-377-5125. 

Meet E.M.M.A. for School Safety

January 14, 2020

You know Think Safe, Inc. for our world-class safety and emergency equipment and our award winning customer support.

But did you know we also work in the emergency communications field?

Our patented E.M.M.A. technology connects your entire organization with 911 dispatchers. Communication and knowledge is instantaneous and accurate during any emergency situation.

From push notification alerts to Geofencing to S.S.S.S. alerts, we are eager to share more with you.

E.M.M.A. is new technology that empowers staff and safety personnel before 911 arrives.  Improved communication comes through push notifications – much quicker and more reliable than text or email notifications.

 Below are just a few features:

  • FAST: Notification system using push notification
  • COMMUNICATION: Real time 2-way communication with school safety leaders during critical emergency events
  • 911-INTEGRATION: Connect teachers and administrators to 911 dispatchers and first responders
  • REAL TIME INFO: View on campus map where an emergency is unfolding and who is affected
  • ANTI-BULLYING: Anonymous tip app

Schedule a free demo today – https://www.emmaadmin.com/education.php – or email us via emma@think-safe.com

A Cut above the Rest

May 16, 2016

Most people don’t give scissors much thought on a daily basis. We’re glad they’re around when we need them, but we’re also glad that pencils are around when we need them, and tape, and sticky notes, and a bowl of ice cream at the end of a bad day.

But, if you work in the EMS field, you know that scissors aren’t just handy; they’re essential. In an emergency, a good pair of trauma scissors is a sidekick–cutting through seat belts so victims can be pulled from car wrecks; slicing through clothing made of tough fabrics to give someone life-saving first aid. Some trauma scissors can even cut through thin metal.

So, when you’re looking at the many, many trauma scissor options out there, you want to make sure that you’re getting the best gear–the gear that’s as reliable as you are. And we’ve got it.

Check out trauma scissors and other first aid tools on our Products page.


Interested in finding out how Think Safe’s products can benefit your workplace? Simply contact Think Safe at 888-473-1777 or click on the More Information button, and we’ll be happy to contact you. Or, if you like what we do, refer us to a friend!

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Enterprise Training: First Voice’s Unlimited Staff Model

March 18, 2016

Your Training Challenges 
Because what you need is unique

Getting OSHA-compliant training is easier said than done. Multiple-location companies and franchise organizations are faced with unique challenges when it comes to providing staff training:

  1. High turnover
  2. Budget impact
  3. Multiple locations and departments
  4. Training time
  5. High Staffing Needs

What you need is affordable, flexible training options, customizable to fit your organization’s unique structure, staff, time frame, and budget. And that’s exactly what First Voice Training provides.

Who We Are
Innovators in our industry

We are in the business of making minutes matter. From the crucial minutes that occur after the onset of a medical emergency to the minutes it takes to complete a training course, we believe that every single minute counts. So we’ve made it our mission to provide first aid supplies, technology, and training that save time and money but don’t skimp on quality.

How We Can Help
Engaging technology, empowering people

1.Unlimited Access and Controlled Cost Models at an Enterprise Level
As a multiple-location company or franchise, ensuring that all your employees receive mandatory training can be both complex and costly. Our answer to that is a cost-efficient training system with no employee access ceilings.

A rotating door for employees is a reality faced by many industries, and it makes training difficult and often too prohibitive in time and labor costs. However, First Voice Training allows employees to train anytime—that’s 24/7 access on all 365 days of the year. This flexible system means that training no longer has to be done during times of key field activity, such as during hands-on, in-store, or on-floor hours. With no limit on who can be trained, and when, you control outgoing spend and get more value for your money spent.

All of our training courses are OSHA compliant and up to date with the most recently approved science protocols for emergency preparedness, CPR, first aid, and workplace violence. And, courses even cover the required equipment you have at your facility and how to use the equipment, which helps with OSHA-compliance safety initiatives.


We offer controlled costs, which allow for best-practice compliance and affordable, tracked training solutions that are sustainable for organizations with high staffing models and high staff turnover.

Many of our clients pay under $1–5 per person per year, a low price that is unheard of in the training and compliance industry.

We can do this because we offer enterprise training for emergency preparedness and safety on a cost-per-location basis, as opposed to a cost-per-employee basis. By paying a low-cost annual service subscription per location, you can train your employees anytime. Our fixed cost-per-location pricing model, in fact, often saves you money on the traditional courses we offer from our core course product catalog.

2.Additional Revenue Streams for Your Business
Our turnkey system is an excellent reselling opportunity for your organization to provide to franchisees for state and/or federal requirements. We allow franchises to license and brand our training to sell internally to the franchisees as a corporate overhead fee income stream. This allows for additional revenue streams at the corporate level while meeting the needs of franchisees and providing very low bulk volume training course access.

3.Flexible Integration
As the licensed and intellectual property holder and content editor, we are able to white label our accredited training to your franchises at a these low pre-approved rates. Or, we plug our curriculum and content into your existing learning management system (various solutions exist on how to do this). This system is turnkey and allows for quality service to be provided at a discounted rate due to the bulk training volume of organizations like yours. Basically, we price it out per location per year so that it’s affordable to you and helps you meet your bottom-dollar budgeting needs for new account acquisition.

Your Course Needs
Relieve the Stress of Training

Most states require social services to facilitate both mandatory reporter and universal precautions (BBP) training, and any workplace is supposed to offer first aid and CPR training opportunities to employees that are potential responders for workplace emergencies. Our training solutions are effective, and we are more than happy to provide OSHA and state codes information to supplement your knowledge about your organization’s compliance needs. Use the More Information button below to request a copy of our Enterprise Training Packages sheet to see what our effective, affordable training model looks like.

This model is sustainable, compliant, affordable, and easy to track. Administrators are allowed to track the progress (0–100%) of their employees online anytime to ensure course completion, or reports can be proactively delivered to the administrators.

We are able to accommodate nearly any emergency preparedness, first aid and CPR, or related safety training course topic needed. Our training medians consist of a multitude of options extending from online to hands-on or blended techniques, including an in-house Train the Trainer program to meet core hands-on skills requirements, if needed. Check out some of our options below.



Interested in finding out how Think Safe’s products can benefit your workplace? Simply contact Think Safe at 888-473-1777 or click on the More Information button, and we’ll be happy to contact you. Or, if you like what we do, refer us to a friend!

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Another Great SCA Survivor Story

March 7, 2016

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Donates Defibrillator to Grandson’s School after Defying the Odds at Casino

A Louisiana man who survived a sudden cardiac arrest at Boomtown Casino donates an automated external defibrillator (AED) to St. Rosalie School with HeartSine’s Forward Hearts program

James Stein defied all odds last October when he survived a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) at a local casino that almost cost him his life.

Fortunately, luck was on his side, as the casino was equipped with an AED and staff members performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in a timely manner. Time is critical during sudden cardiac arrest because for every minute defibrillation is delayed, the victim’s chance of survival decreases by seven to 10 percent.

To celebrate his luck and promote the importance of quick access to AEDs, Stein will donate a HeartSine® samaritan® PAD 350P (SAM 350P) AED to St. Rosalie School in Harvey, Louisiana. The device will be provided by HeartSine Technologies Forward Hearts program, which allows survivors of an SCA event in which a HeartSine defibrillator has been used, to donate a HeartSine AED to the charity or organization of the survivor’s choice, at no cost.

Feb29 031A

The Stein family donates a HeartSine AED to St. Rosalie School in celebration of Stein’s survival. Pictured: Scott Stein, James Stein (survivor), He’nri Stein, Mary Wenzel, Fr. Larry Urban, and Taylor Stein

The potentially lifesaving SAM 350P AED, which analyzes the heart rhythm and delivers an electrical shock to victims of SCA in order to restore the heart to normal rhythm, will protect thousands of faculty members and students at St. Rosalie School. Stein chose to donate the AED to St. Rosalie School because his grandson is a student there.

“I feel so blessed and fortunate to be alive today, and I am glad to have the opportunity to protect my grandson and his classmates at his school,” said Stein. “Surviving a sudden cardiac arrest should not be a matter of luck. All public places should be equipped with AEDs.”

Much to the joy of his family – which includes his wife of 43 years, six children and grandchildren – Stein suffered no neurological damage and has resumed taking walks, cooking, and doing many of the other activities he enjoys.

“Mr. Stein’s survival from sudden cardiac arrest is a great example of the importance of AEDs in all public places,” said Michael Lockwood, sales manager at HeartSine. “As sudden cardiac arrests truly can take place anywhere, it is imperative to place AEDs in all public spaces from casinos to schools.”

The HeartSine AED at Boomtown Casino that saved Stein’s life was supplied by HeartSine’s authorized distributor Think Safe, Inc., a first-aid industry wholesaler based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“It is important to communicate that AEDs help protect against one of the nation’s leading causes of death,” said Paula Wickham, Think Safe’s president. “Only through more AED placements and quick response by volunteers and staff, like this exemplary event at Boomtown Casino, will we stop the impact of the average 350,000 deaths that occur annually as a result of SCA. AEDs are easy to use and should be placed in all public places.”

The HeartSine AED was given to St. Rosalie School on February 29, 2016.

Interested in finding out how Think Safe’s products and services can benefit your organization? Simply contact Think Safe at 888-473-1777 or click on the More Information button, and we’ll be happy to contact you. Or, if you like what we do here, and you know someone who could benefit from our services, refer  us to a friend. We’d appreciate it!

What Do Darth Vader and CPR Have in Common?

March 4, 2016

About a 104 beats per minute.

That’s right, Star Wars fans. If you can hum Vader’s theme song, The Imperial March (and we know you can), then you can also deliver the recommended rate of compressions for hands-only CPR. Why? Because the infamous Sith Lord marches to the rhythm of 104 beats per minute, which is within the 100- to 120-compressions-per-minute range recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA).

But don’t take our word for it: the proof is in this public service announcement from the Kiowa County EMS team.

Here’s why this is important: CPR is not only easy to learn, it’s also invaluable. According to the AHA, effective bystander CPR administered immediately after collapse from sudden cardiac arrest can double a victim’s chance of survival.

So—whether you get your training from the Dark Side, the Light Side, or from a local organization unaffiliated with the greater galactic politics of a galaxy far, far away—think about registering for a CPR class. One day, you might just save a life.


To register for one of Think Safe’s in-person training courses or to find out more about what we can do to help you and your organization be more prepared in the event of an emergency, click Contact Us below. Or, if you like what we do here, and you know someone who could benefit from our services, refer us. We’d appreciate it!

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CPR Saves Lives! 2,500 People Just Told Us So…

January 19, 2016

Source: CPR Saves Lives! 2,500 People Just Told Us So…

Check out this great piece from Social Discussion covering the CPR Saves Lives March, an event that was part of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) 2015 Conference, which is held by Citizen CPR Foundation. In this march, 2500 people came together to march through the streets of San Diego in order to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest, CPR, and AEDs. 

2500! We think that’s amazing! As a first aid technology distributor and a facilitator of first aid and CPR training certification, we know how critical emergency preparedness is. CPR and AEDs save lives—just see some of these lifesaving stories:

Newtown, PA
Northeast Iowa
Fitness Club
Think Safe Employee
Chippewa Falls, WI

Think Safe is proud to be part of the emergency preparedness industry—proud to educate people how to respond when sudden cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies occur; proud to supply businesses with AEDs, AED management programs, and other first aid supplies; and proud to advocate for safer workplaces, better access to AEDs, and up-to-date information and training.

So, we were stoked to learn of the success of the CPR Saves Lives March! And we think everyone involved, including the thousands of people who turned out to march, deserves a shout-out for bringing emergency preparedness into the public eye in such a big way. Well done, everyone, and thank you!

Interested in finding out how Think Safe’s products can benefit your workplace? Simply contact Think Safe at 888-473-1777 or click on the More Information button, and we’ll be happy to contact you. Or, if you like what we do, refer us to a friend!

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