Customer LifeSaving Event Post-Event Review

June 17, 2010

HeartSine ECG (click on this link and link on next page to see an actual scanned ECG record of a lifesaving event) One of our customers recently used their HeartSine samaritan HS01 AED to save the life of a fitness club member!

What does all of the attached ECG picture and lines mean?

It took about 1 second to put on the AED pads after turning on the device.  It took the HeartSine about 8 seconds to analyze and recommend shock.  It took 5 seconds for the employees to stand clear and press the shock button.  Shock 1 was administered about 16 seconds into the rescue/response.

CPR then commenced.  You can see the effectiveness of the CPR and then the patient’s heartbeat restored.  At just past 2 minutes from initial use of the AED, EMS arrived and removed the AED pads, placing on their own pads.

The EMS confirmed that the AED being used so quickly was part of the reason the patient survived. The in-house response time was just under 2-3 minutes from time of collapse to time AED arrived on scene to use. WITH EVERY MINUTE THAT ELAPSES, CHANCES OF SURVIVAL DECREASE BY 10%!

This AED was used in a fitness club, in a metro area, response time for EMS was just under 6 minutes from time of 9-1-1 initial call.

This data was pulled from the AED using event review software that is included FREE with the equipment sold by Think Safe.  A medical director for the fitness club was sent the information for their interpretation and for use by the patient’s medical doctors.

Truly, AEDs are powerful lifesaving devices! The only way to reduce the 300,000 plus death toll on Sudden Cardiac Arrest (the nation’s largest killer) is to increase public knowledge on AEDs and improve AED placements for quick and effective defibrillation response for victims of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).  With average national EMS response times being 8-10 minutes, workplaces and places of high risk for SCA need to purchase AEDs in order to protect their employees or members.

To find out more about how your organization can easily install and implement an AED or AED program; please call us at 888-473-1777.  Our company can arrange for someone to visit you or your facility or we can speak with you over the phone.  All of our AED packages come with the following at no extra charge:  Prescription (Rx), AED Administrator Toolkit (inspection tags, checklists, drills, placement surveys and install direction, AED acquirer compliance checklists to state laws, post-event review technical assistance and more….

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