American Heart Association Studies on Cognitive & Feedback Aids

April 26, 2011

2010 New Guidelines

What does the American Heart Association recent guidelines update have to say about cognitive aids and feedback devices?

A quick summary from 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines, Supplement to Circulation Volume 122, Issue 18, Supplement 3 from November 2, 2010:

1) Part 5: Page S697, “real-time CPR prompting & feedback technology such as visual and auditory prompting devices can improve the quality of CPR.”

2) Part 16: Page S920, “non-responders most frequently cited panic and fear of hurting the patient as reasons they were unable to perform.”

3) Part 16:Page 921, “even brief training increases the willingness to use an AED and improves performance.”

4) Part 16:Page 922, “short video instruction combined with synchronous hands on practice is an effective alternative to instructor-led basic life support courses.”

5) Part 16:Page 923, “ECC courses should be part of a larger continuing education and continuous quality improvement process.”

6) Part 16:Page 923, “Checklists or cognitive aids may be considered for use during actual resuscitation.”

7) Part 16: Page 923, “CPR prompt and feedback devices can be useful as part of an overall strategy to improve the quality of CPR during actual resuscitation.”

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January 23, 2011
Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

Talking First Aid Book / First Aid Calculator

ECC / AHA & National First Aid Science Upgrades were released in late 2010.  For more information on this see our blog post from October:

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2010 updates implemented in 2011 on the EID protocols include:  CPR updates to include compression depth & C-A-B changes for trained rescuers and hands only CPR for untrained rescuers, education & recognition of gasping vs. normal breathing, and advised AED use for infants.  First Aid updates include additional heat stroke advice, jellyfish sting updated care,  clarification on aspirin use for heart attack symptoms, both US and Canadian Poison Control contact information, bleeding wound care updates (elevation, pressure points, tourniquet, compression bandage use), additional information on when to suspect head, neck or spinal injuries, and snakebite first aid care updates.

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