Accomplishing the climb of a lifetime.

August 3, 2009

I have a really cool story on accomplishments. I love this topic.

I have been reflecting a bit on life and its journey, and I happened to be thinking about my in-laws. The pair are amazing, rarely pausing a moment as they bound back and forth from Florida (winter/spring) to Iowa (summer/fall) and all the while staying active with tennis and attending the numerous family and community events that are the result of having eight offspring and successful educator careers. My mother-in-law is going through painful double knee replacement recovery but has been a tremendous pillar through it. Despite the pain she somehow manages to worry and think about others. Two weeks before the surgery she was traveling to the Portland Coast for a large family reunion and not complaining one bit about the pain she was in with those worn-out knees.

Tom Wickham holding the US Open trophy

My father-in-law, during that same trip, climbed Mount St. Helens – two days before he turned 70 years old! That is an elevation of 8,365 feet (2,550 m) and he climbed it in one day with his son and grandson. Three generations climbing together, and none of them “mountaineers” – but all of them adventure seekers. According to his grandson (my nephew Blaine), when they checked the records of those whom had climbed to the peak, the next closest in age was 65. That is quite an accomplishment. The real accomplishment is that he climbed it in tennis shoes and hadn’t decided to climb it until the day before. He did not prepare, he did not dwell on it – he just did it.

“It has long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sit back and let things happen to them. They go out and happen to things.” source

Congratulations Tom on this accomplishment – if you ever wonder how you got such a good stack of kids just look at your wife and look in the mirror!

Think Safe President, Paula Wickham

Great Grandma’s Baseball Slam to the Head

July 9, 2009

It’s the beginning of many baseball summers ahead for my family I have a feeling. Our eight and a half and ten year-old boys love the game. Last weekend (a seven-game weekend) my husband Matt was videotaping Ethan’s game next to the fence on the 1st bag side.

Ethan's Baseball Team

One of the batters made contact with the ball, and a 70 year-old great grandma sitting in her lounger next to Matt received an 80 mph line drive head slam she won’t soon forget.

Everyone thought that fence was going to stop the ball but it rose, skimmed over and angled right for her left side of the head. Her family and rest of the crowd sat frozen…for what seemed a long time but probably was 10-25 seconds. Then Matt – first to say anything – said “better get an ice pack on that right away” as she was slumped backwards and instantly had a contusion and bruising with a large lump forming. An initial assessment by a doctor in the crowd, then more ice, and they packed her up in a car that drove up and sent her off to the ER for several cat scans.

Three games and about six hours later she was back, looking like a boxer after a Saturday night fight – and she watched the team pull in the victorious win!  The durability of the human body is amazing…

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