CPR Saves Lives! 2,500 People Just Told Us So…

January 19, 2016

Source: CPR Saves Lives! 2,500 People Just Told Us So…

Check out this great piece from Social Discussion covering the CPR Saves Lives March, an event that was part of the Emergency Cardiovascular Care Update (ECCU) 2015 Conference, which is held by Citizen CPR Foundation. In this march, 2500 people came together to march through the streets of San Diego in order to raise awareness about sudden cardiac arrest, CPR, and AEDs. 

2500! We think that’s amazing! As a first aid technology distributor and a facilitator of first aid and CPR training certification, we know how critical emergency preparedness is. CPR and AEDs save lives—just see some of these lifesaving stories:

Newtown, PA
Northeast Iowa
Fitness Club
Think Safe Employee
Chippewa Falls, WI

Think Safe is proud to be part of the emergency preparedness industry—proud to educate people how to respond when sudden cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies occur; proud to supply businesses with AEDs, AED management programs, and other first aid supplies; and proud to advocate for safer workplaces, better access to AEDs, and up-to-date information and training.

So, we were stoked to learn of the success of the CPR Saves Lives March! And we think everyone involved, including the thousands of people who turned out to march, deserves a shout-out for bringing emergency preparedness into the public eye in such a big way. Well done, everyone, and thank you!

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ASHI- Victim of Mail-related Crime

February 1, 2014

ahsi picThe American Safety and Health Institute(ASHI) is the victim of a mail-related crime. Thousands of falsely marked letters have been sent to ASHI training centers and customers containing disturbing and offense material. The ASHI is warning people not to open the letters and refuse the delivery. If you receive the letter and do open it, they would like you to report it as a mail-related crime.

Law enforcement is involved, but saying it is a hard crime to prosecute because it is not traceable. The ASHI is not aware of any data breach, but those addresses are publicly available. They are warning their customers to be aware of the situation and take extra precautions with any materials sent to them. For more information on the situation check out the ASHI blog.

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