Think Safe and the Emergency Response and First Aid Field

April 15, 2009

Paula , The President/CEO of Think Safe,  wanted to share with the world just what Think Safe is, does and promises to do.  Read her letter below and get to know us more!

To give you some background on the first aid/CPR industry – major training organization approved CPR protocols are set by American Heart Association research/science and details of this are on our website.  CPR & First Aid changes do occur usually every 2-3 years.  We have found no other company/competitor that provides that level of support or adherence to date.  We like to say we are “Changing the Face of First Aid”We provide technology solutions to the first aid realm that even the major first aid training organizations in the world are not capable of doing. What changes they make due to national first aid science discoveries in their instruction manuals and DVDs (which generally takes a year to switch out after the change) – we make applicable in the software/real-time application world immediately! The whole reason of course is our passion to improve outcomes and to save lives…something many of our clients can testify to!

Basically, in this long winded excerpt – what I am trying to say is that we deliver within our application the right guidelines, the right support and a unique way (patents in office action/pending) of accessing the information real-time or for trainingThis is imperative for emergency situations. While the wireless and technology driven world do provide opportunity for instant access to information it is imperative in certain situations to have the best and most recent information accessible!

Thanks for the ear and please provide me any input.  As we grow our company; we are looking to hear back from our readers/reviewers and grow the right way.

Thank you again for your time.  Make it a great day!

Think Safe President, Paula Wickham