American Lifeguard Association endorses the First Voice EID!

June 23, 2009



American Lifeguard Association (ALA) now endorses the First Voice EID.

Hiawatha, Iowa, June 23, 2009 – The American Lifeguard Association (ALA) has endorsed the Think Safe First Voice Emergency Instruction Device (EID).

As one of the largest sponsors of Health and Safety training programs in the United States, the goal of the (ALA) is to improve the quality and accessibility of Health and Safety programs to the public. Since its establishment in 1990 the ALA has issued over 100,000 certifications in the areas of health and safety.

“Over 3,500 individuals drown every year in the US. First Voice equipment should be at every pool and everyone should know where it is located,” said BJ Fisher, Director of Heath and Safety for the ALA. “It is easy to use and it builds an extra level of confidence into potentially panic-stricken situations.”

“We are pleased to receive the endorsement from American Lifeguard Association, a top-tier safety organization who understands the importance of being prepared and improving access to lifesaving equipment and training. Our EID utilizes technology to immediately guide any individual through the right steps of action for lifesaving CPR or first aid procedures, including 9-1-1 and other important reminders,” said Think Safe President/CEO, Paula Wickham, on the endorsement.

Think Safe Inc is committed to setting new standards for comprehensive emergency readiness and response. Manufacturing products for complete injury management and providing services that improve access to first aid and CPR training, Think Safe Inc products and services are a good fit for corporate and industrial environments, parks and recreational facilities, schools, convention and sport centers, remote or high-risk locations, and a host of other public gathering places. Think Safe Inc offers its patent pending systems in a variety of models, from a dedicated portable unit to software for computers and mobile devices. A selection of lightweight, portable cases and bags is available to meet various space, use, and environmental needs. For details about Think Safe Inc and its products, call Jen Mittan at 319-377-5125 or visit

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