Mom to the Rescue!

July 14, 2009

I am constantly amazed by the goodness of people. My employees, my family… I have a new story! I’ll try my best to recap the event…

So Pat (my Mom whom I love dearly) was working her job at the rural Waukon, Iowa Fareway grocery when she heard “Pat! Pat!” …it was a young high school girl that was checking out a customer and was frozen in time – looking straight ahead and not moving by the time Pat looked to the source of the cry.

Mom dropped what she was doing and scurried over to behind the counter. The customer was standing upright but would not respond to some questions and was an odd color – a yellowish gray – and Mom knew something was about to happen. Having years of experience with a severely epileptic husband, my Dad, she knew what to do.

She braced herself close to the person and kept asking questions…and then it happened – the customer fainted. But she was ready! Mom caught her, kept hold and got more help. Her past experience had taught her a valuable lesson and saved this young gal a good knock on the head minimally.

In first aid training sessions I often talk about just being prepared and thinking/processing to your best ability… however, I will admit I have been close by when three people whom all have taken nasty bumps on the noggin from fainting episodes. Why didn’t I react and catch them? What was I thinking? I watched as their color faded…they did not move…there was something wrong…and then bam – they fell as I watched.

Paula's Mom, Pat

Patty-cake (Mom’s nickname) gets the applause on this one. Way to go Mom! I love you!

Think Safe President, Paula Wickham