Stepping up when the time comes…

November 5, 2009

Found a great quote from a certified EMT on the effect an emergency situation can have you you, and how taking a class doesn’t make you immune to the pressures of using those skills in a life-threatening situation.

It may seem obvious to call 911 for help, but I know a lot of people won’t think of it under pressure just based on what I’ve seen first hand. Taking a class is one thing – stepping up when the time comes (possibly with someone’s life in your hands) is entirely another. The first time you have to use those skills, even if it isn’t life-threatening, is scary! You’re trying to regurgitate an entire class’ worth of materials in 3.2 seconds in your brain, your hands are shaking, and you have some stranger [or friend/coworker] lying there. That is about as stressful as it gets…..

RForsythe (Responder/EMT) – Firehouse Forums

Have you been in an emergency firs aid situation? How did you feel and react? Leave comments below!

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