10 ways your camera phone can be used in an emergency

August 31, 2009

Nearly all cell phones have a camera built into them now. A key part of an emergency situation is communication and documentation. Obviously any camera can help document a situation, but with a camera phone you can significantly speed up the communication process by immediately sending those pictures to the people that need to see them.

  1. Injury photos to the doctor.
  2. Damage documentation for insurance.
  3. “Here’s the landmark I’m near.”
  4. Record medicines or food brand needs.
  5. Remember parking spot locations.
  6. Document your cleanup efforts.
  7. Document your repair or cleanup expenditures.
  8. Crime scene evidence.
  9. Photo reaction plan for the reading disabled.
  10. Report suspicious activity.

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You can find a list of 50 uses for your camera phone in Disaster Prep 101 by Paul Purcell.