What if a 911 call doesn’t work?

April 8, 2009

In May of 2008, a 911 call went to an operator in a different city.  The caller’s husband passed away as the woman had to hang up and dial 911 again in hopes of connecting to the correct 911 operator.

Are you prepared for all types of emergencies?

KCRG covered this story here.  The husband was having respitory issues and expired before he could get proper help.   Doctors speculated that the extra time spent trying to reach the correct 911 operator did not compound the situation and cause his death.

But what if it was a different situation?

We cannot always rely on our cellphones working,  being connected to the correct 911 operator or having emergency services arrive on time.  Be prepared!

Have a fully stocked first aid kit that is American National Standards Institute (ANSI)  compliant. All of Think Safe’s first aid and responder kits are up to code with ANSI standards and we have the First Aid Cube which goes far beyond ANSI compliance to make sure you’re prepared.

Think about being CPR and first aid certified. Although we hope you won’t need to use your training, there will be no doubt a time in your life that you’ll need to assist someone.  Whether it is a friend who is having a severe asthma attack or a broken wrist happens while outside on a sunny day,  knowing first aid and CPR is vital.

Once you are certified, you might think about investing an in EID (Electronic Instruction Device) to guide you through the steps you were trained to take.

Or if bulky technology is not your thing, think about an emergency response app for your iPhone/iPod Touch!

Remember,  every second counts!

Wishing you a long and healthy life!