Having AEDs in School is VERY Important

I don’t know about other parents or teachers but I find this article and research (published by Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association January  2010) annoying.

It is an article on how schools that don’t have funding perhaps should not worry about not being able to fund an AED because the chances of getting a return on the equipment are not proven.  Here is some of the content:

“A nationwide push to put portable defibrillators in every school, a response to several high-profile student deaths, may not be worth the cost, a new study in Seattle concludes. The survey of emergency response to schools in the Seattle area over 16 years found that students suffered cardiac arrests only 12 times and a third of these children had known heart problems.”  The article then goes on to say, “According to the study, schools are one of the best places for adults to suffer cardiac arrest.”

Protecting the teachers does not matter nor does it matter if I or family member will suffer a heart attack while watching my child participate in a school sporting event?  What if you are a parent that has one of those kids with a known heart problem or the 1 unfortunate unknown heart problem that year?

Figure out how to buy the AED.  There are ways to fund them.  The facts are that Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the biggest killer in America, killing around 300,000 people per year.  If an AED is not used within 2-4 minutes the chances of survival go from 65-70% to 5%.

Are you ready to be champion for AEDs at your school and help your PTO raise money? Go to Think Safe’s GivingTree for easy online fundraising or download this or visit the website of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association and download this paper on how you can become a champion for AEDs at your school.

You Can Save a Life at School PDF

2 Responses to Having AEDs in School is VERY Important

  1. Jayne Vining says:

    You go! Tired of hearing the cost-effective argument tossed around while children’s lives hang in the balance!

  2. Corinne Ruiz says:

    I am having a very difficult time getting our local schools to add AEDs. My 14 year old daughter died of sudden cardiac arrest. Since her death, I have done alot of research and cannot believe how many young people die every day from SCA. Yet, our schools in California are hesitant to place AEDs on campus. Their concern is liability issues. What if a student goes into SCA, CPR is performed, it takes an ambulance 8-12 minutes to arrive, in the meantime, an AED can be used during these very precious seconds..that are ticking away..liability issues??. I have written letters to so many people, keep getting the same answer “It’s pending”. Will it take a major tragedy to wake up our politicians and school superintendents?? Very, very frustrating.

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