Before the Concert Got Started, Brad Paisley’s Dad Helped Save A Life.


There was a great live-saving story out of Kansas from Country blog, Got Country?, about Doug Paisley, who is father of famous country singer Brad Paisley, saving the life of a employee at the Intrust Bank Arena before his son’s concert began. Being at the right place at the right time, Doug was there to give CPR to a man having a heart attack.

Here’s how Got Country? put it:

A longtime volunteer firefighter and EMT, Paisley said he noticed an arena employee on the floor in a service hallway and performed CPR before paramedics arrived. He was just about to use an automated external defibrillator — or AED — when paramedics took over.

“I had the AED open, ready to attach it,” Paisley said Tuesday. “I kind of backed off and let them use theirs.”Paisley credited another arena employee with helping him assist the man. He was adamant that it was a team effort. Steve Cotter, director of Sedgwick County EMS, said crews were on the way to the arena to work the concert when the man suffered a heart attack. Paramedics arrived in about three minutes.

“There were a couple of gentlemen doing citizen CPR on him,” Cotter said. “One of them happened to be Brad Paisley’s father, but we didn’t know that at the time.”Cotter said paramedics “got a pulse back” and transported the man to a hospital.

“If the man’s life was saved, it was because a lot of things came together,” Paisley said. “There’s nothing heroic about this. Heroic is when you’re standing on the front lines in Afghanistan or Iraq. … It was definitely a good thing to walk away from.”

Not only did Doug Paisley have the training to know what to do, he had the willingness to take proper action in an emergency.

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  1. It was about time that I finally read something worthwile. Keep up the good work!

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