Our apologies.

On September 24th we had an email leave our offices with news of the Rugged+AED SET System and how it can save you or your organization money, time, and provide a great sense of security.

I made a mistake. To this day I am not sure how it happened, but everyone that received that press release email also saw the other people that received it too.

I fully realize how amateur this mistake was.  I am taking this seriously and would like to say that  it will not happen again. I will not make any excuses for what happened; – I believe it was an honest (yet detrimental) mistake that will not happen again – but I will say that we are doing everything in our power to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

For anyone that saw the email and is upset about it, I am sorry. I, like you, get annoyed by spam email and understand how easy it might be to claim that we spammed you. Frustration is understandable. We have learned and are moving forward stronger than ever to bring you innovative life-saving tools and training in emergency first aid.

Thank you for your understanding and time.


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