AED Saves A Woman’s Life

This story comes out of WNOI in Flora, IL and is a perfect example of why having an AED on-hand is so important. A short story with a lifesaving message.


If there was ever any doubt about the validity of a new state law that requires AED’s or Automated External Defibrillators, at area sporting events, all of that doubt should now be eliminated.

A local woman’s life was saved by one of the devices, while she was watching her grandson play baseball, Tuesday night, at the Flora ball fields.

According to the Flora Police Department, Phyllis Durre, who is the mother of Flora Police Officer Guye Durre, experienced a heart attack, while watching her grandson play in a junior high baseball game between Floyd Henson Junior High, of Flora, and Effingham Junior High. Two Clay County Hospital employees were also in attendance at the game, and they immediately sprang into action. They determined that she had no pulse, and was not breathing. So, they immediately started CPR and summoned for the Flora School’s AED, which was located in the nearby concession stand. The AED was applied to Mrs. Durre; it then called for a shock to her heart; and, it applied the shock. CPR was resumed, and her pulse rate and breathing was restored. She was then taken by ambulance to Clay County Hospital, in Flora, where she was stabilized. She was then life-flighted to Springfield for further treatment.

According to family member’s Mrs. Durre was listed in stable condition [the day of the event], and she is expected to make a complete recovery.

They further stated that doctors at both hospitals told the family that Mrs. Durre would not have survived the attack, if not for the AED.

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