Reflecting on a CPR Story

It is a calm day here at Think Safe, early in the afternoon, and as I browse through my Google Alerts I came upon one that led me to this interesting blog – one that matched my mood for the day. People often ask in training sessions, “How hard is it to really perform CPR on someone?”  This story by gwalter at Daddytude can easily tell you… Here’s an excerpt:

I was jolted into an embarrassed reality. I had taken my first CPR class when I was 15 years old.  I’d run my first emergency call that same year.  I’d run dozens of calls on a volunteer ambulance in rural, eastern Washington – and yet, here I sat, trying to understand, but without understanding.  This woman had no pulse.  How did I miss that? In my inexperienced hesitancy, I was taking my clues from my partner.

What did I take away from this story?

Even those trained and experienced find these types of emergencies hard (at least initially in their careers) as life is the thing that matters…and all those intangibles in life that go along with it. I just read The Shack and – for those who have read it too – you’ll get what my true meaning is in that statement. Make it a great day!

Think Safe President, Paula Wickham

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