2009 Saxcies Finalists Announced!

June 12, 2009

We want to send a big congratulations to all the 2009 Saxcies  Finalists.

The Saxcies™ honor SafetyXChange members, both individuals and companies, for outstanding achievement and dedication to workplace health and safety.

The Saxcies™ recognize and reward excellence in 5 categories:

  • Safety Program of the Year
  • Safety Hero of the Year
  • SafetyXChange Contributor of the Year
  • Safety Trainer of the Year
  • The Henshaw Award for Corporate Leadership in Safety

Think Safe won the award for Best New Safety Product in 2006 for Self-contained Emergency Treatment System. JumpBag SET System (#FV3101)

Here’s an excerpt talking about Think Safe from 2006 Saxcies: The Winners:

It was a great choice. First Voice started with an observation. Annette Carter was a flight nurse who responded to medical emergencies. When she’d touch down at the scene of an emergency, she’d find more often than not that the victim had received no, inadequate or even harmful treatment. The problem: People on the scene lacked the information and supplies necessary to stabilize the victim until help could arrive. Sadly, therefore, opportunities to save the victim’s life or prevent serious injury were lost. Nurse Carter saw how the AED had saved victims of cardiac arrest. A light bulb went off. “Let’s use the same concept and technology to save victims of other kinds of medical emergency,” she resolved.

The result is First Voice. First Voice provides a series of interactive Yes/No verbal prompts for more than 30 medical emergencies including burns, broken bones, HAZMAT incidents, severe bleeding and CPR. Like an AED, it empowers a person on the scene to provide lifesaving first aid, even if that person has absolutely no training. It even comes with pre-packaged supplies.

We won one of their prestigious helmets.

We won one of their prestigious helmets.

To learn more about the JumpBag SET System – or any of the other 13 – you can do so at the Think Safe site or feel free to reach out via Twitter, email or call at 888-473-1777.

Snake Puts the Aqueeze on A Worker…and the Worker Bites Back!

June 11, 2009


Our June edition of Safe Supervisor came in and there is a pretty interesting story in it. Normally I would love to tell you about how our Emergency Instruction Device (EID) helps people know how to handle a bite or sting emergency with step-by-step audio/visual instructions in English or Spanish, but in this article Kenya’s Ben Nyaumbe figured out how to manhandle his way out of a 13-foot python’s mouth!

The snake coiled itself around one of Ben Nyaumbe’s legs when he accidentally stepped on it. The serpent then dragged Nyaumbe up a tree and tried to swallow him. Luckily, the worker was able to use his cell phone to call for help, but he had to resort to some desperate measures before anyone arrived.

Nyaumbe used his shirt to cover the snake’s head as it tried to swallow him and finally resorted to biting it on its tail after it wrapped itself around his upper body.python

The story got international attention, being reported all over the net. You can also see the article as reported from the BBC here.

Major props to Ben for his quick thinking and fast action! Half of me is totally grossed out by the story, the other half thinks it’s funny. I’m having a hard time imagining what I would do in this instance. I came across a python once on a trail in China, but I was able to run away like a little girl then. What would you do in this case? Leave a comment below.


When an emergency happens, what do you want on hand?

June 9, 2009

Think Safe works hard to make and supply the most comprehensive and easy-to-use emergency response tools and training. We know a lot about the industry and the reasons why it’s so important to be prepared. But when something happens to you, what do you want on hand most?

BMW’s Emergency Stop Assist stops vehicles in a medical emergency

June 8, 2009


We are always striving to merge technology and software solutions with first aid to provide innovative ways to be fully prepared for any emergency first aid and CPR situation. Looks like BMW is looking to do that as well! I think the new concept would be fully comprehensive if they threw in a Emergency Instruction Device.

Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

Then the passenger would know exactly what to do until the emergency rescue arrived (which can take up to 8 minutes or more!) because they have access to certified, step-by-step, audible instructions on how to deal with any first aid or CPR emergency.

Chris Shunk at autoblog posted this on June 5th about the BMW Emergency Stop Assist concept:

BMW X5 passout emergency

Senior citizens who are at heightened risk for heart attack and strokes or those with diabetes often stop driving to keep both themselves and other motorists safe in the event that they have a medical issue while behind the wheel. Others ignore the risk factors and continue to drive until something happens to themselves or others, while still others often suffer completely unforeseen medical events. Regardless of whether you are young or old, sick or healthy, BMW is working on a new safety system called Emergency Stop Assistant which will safely bring one’s vehicle to a stop during a medical calamity.

According to BMW, its new experimental system will sense medical dangers for the driver. When a serious medical issue is detected, the system will switch over to an autonomous driving mode to safely stop the vehicle out of harm’s way. The system is currently in development, and it promises to turn on the hazard lights, utilize radar tech to navigate the Bimmer through traffic, then slow the vehicle to a stop once it finds the shoulder. BMW’s existing Extended Emergency Call system would then call emergency services and provide the location of the vehicle. The system, if brought to production, could save lives while also giving those with medical issues peace of mind.

BMW is testing its Emergency Stop Assistant system as part of Smart Senior, a project launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany. Official press release after the jump.

You can read Chris’ article and view BMW’s press release here.

AEDs save lives.

June 2, 2009

One of our emergency first aid experts here at Think Safe, James Moroney,

Passionate about helping people prevent the unexpected, James is one of the founding members of the Think Safe team.

Passionate about helping people prevent the unexpected, James is one of the founding members of the Think Safe team.

found an article at Fitness Business Pro, and wanted to share his thoughts on the importance of an AED. The story can be found here. Here’s an excerpt:

According to the lawsuit, choosing not to use the AED “involved an extreme degree of risk that the patron who suffered sudden cardiac arrest would not be able to be saved and would in fact die, as happened with Mr. Durkin.”

This is what James wanted to share:

To me an AED is just like a Air bag on a car or fire extinguisher for a business, you purchase them with the hopes of never having to use them however the day you need them you are very pleased that you have one.  AED’s can increase survival rates from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by as much as 60 percent; the cost continues to go down as the ease of use continues to go up. AEDs save lives.

Think Safe Releases New ResQr iPhone Applications

June 1, 2009

HIAWATHA, IOWA, June 1st, 2009  — Think Safe Inc released a new set of first aid apps to the iTunes App Store, extending the company’s innovative Fist Voice first aid product line further into the mobile arena. Taking individual buttons from the full ResQr First Aid & CPR Coach, the new iPhone apps are “mini” versions comprehensively targeting very specific areas of first aid.

CPR Coach is available at the iTunes App Store, with Diabetic Coach, Seizure Disorder Coach and Severe Allergy Coach currently pending approval for release.

“With only 21 percent of people knowing how to perform CPR it is imperative that people are fully prepared to react to a trauma event,” says CEO/President of Think Safe Inc, Paula Wickham.

CPR Coach
CPR is one of the most vital tools in an emergency situation. When someone is suffering from cardiac arrest, CPR can help sustain life by keeping the body’s vital organs supplied with oxygen-rich blood. Although CPR produces only about one-third of the blood flow to the brain and heart that the body usually generates, this can be enough to maintain life until advanced medical care is available.

New to the ResQr app family

New to the ResQr app family

CPR Coach helps you know what to do when you suddenly find yourself in an emergency event that requires CPR assistance. By giving step-by-step, yes/no questions CPR Coach provides you with a Lay Rescuer-level set of instructions that help everyone from the trained to the untrained know how to give proper CPR.

CPR Coach features:

  • AUDIBLE pacing & instructions for CPR rescue
  • AUDIBLE step-by-step instructions for CPR emergencies
  • Nearest ER location finding assistance (iPhone only)
  • Quick-dial 911 assistance (iPhone only)
  • Emergency Intake Questionnaires


Notice the audible instructions buttons in the top right?

Notice the audible instructions buttons in the top right?


CPR Coach syncs via GPS or the user’s cellular network to find the nearest emergency room in the area. Compatible with any iPhone or iPod touch with operating system version 2.0, the application was designed and developed by the Think Safe product development team.

About Think Safe Inc. 

Think Safe Inc is committed to setting new standards for comprehensive emergency readiness and response. Manufacturing products for complete injury management and providing services that improve access to emergency instructions and training, Think Safe Inc. products and services are a good fit for parents, childcare providers, elderly caregivers, corporate environments, schools, convention and sport centers, and a host of other public gathering places.

Think Safe offers its patent pending systems in a variety of models, from a dedicated portable unit (pictured) to Windows-compatible software for laptops, desktops, and pocket PCs. A selection of lightweight, portable cases and bags is available to meet various space, use, and environmental needs. For details about Think Safe Inc. and its products, call Jen at 319-377-5125 or visit online.