Barbecue Tips for the Weekend

As we fire up our barbecues for the weekend, and are nearing the Fourth of July, here are some tips for proper maintenance and operation from Catherine Jones of Safety XChange.


  • Operate BBQ outdoors only, 10 feet from house, garage and trees
  • Maintain your BBQ by replacing rusted or worn hoses and fittings
  • Test for leaks and check tubes for blockage
  • Keep lid open when lighting gas grill, to prevent flash off from gas build-up
  • Turn BBQ off if you smell gas and don’t attempt to relight until the leak is fixed
  • Keep alcohol away from grills
  • Use baking soda on grease fires – not water – and keep the proper fire extinguisher handy
  • Cap lighter fluid immediately and place it a safe distance from the grill


  • Leave an operating barbecue unattended
  • Move an operating BBQ
  • Wear loose or flowing clothing while tending to the BBQ
  • Use gasoline or kerosene as a starter
  • Store LP cylinders indoors
  • Store spare cylinders near the grill or appliances

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