Snake Puts the Aqueeze on A Worker…and the Worker Bites Back!


Our June edition of Safe Supervisor came in and there is a pretty interesting story in it. Normally I would love to tell you about how our Emergency Instruction Device (EID) helps people know how to handle a bite or sting emergency with step-by-step audio/visual instructions in English or Spanish, but in this article Kenya’s Ben Nyaumbe figured out how to manhandle his way out of a 13-foot python’s mouth!

The snake coiled itself around one of Ben Nyaumbe’s legs when he accidentally stepped on it. The serpent then dragged Nyaumbe up a tree and tried to swallow him. Luckily, the worker was able to use his cell phone to call for help, but he had to resort to some desperate measures before anyone arrived.

Nyaumbe used his shirt to cover the snake’s head as it tried to swallow him and finally resorted to biting it on its tail after it wrapped itself around his upper body.python

The story got international attention, being reported all over the net. You can also see the article as reported from the BBC here.

Major props to Ben for his quick thinking and fast action! Half of me is totally grossed out by the story, the other half thinks it’s funny. I’m having a hard time imagining what I would do in this instance. I came across a python once on a trail in China, but I was able to run away like a little girl then. What would you do in this case? Leave a comment below.



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