BMW’s Emergency Stop Assist stops vehicles in a medical emergency


We are always striving to merge technology and software solutions with first aid to provide innovative ways to be fully prepared for any emergency first aid and CPR situation. Looks like BMW is looking to do that as well! I think the new concept would be fully comprehensive if they threw in a Emergency Instruction Device.

Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

Then the passenger would know exactly what to do until the emergency rescue arrived (which can take up to 8 minutes or more!) because they have access to certified, step-by-step, audible instructions on how to deal with any first aid or CPR emergency.

Chris Shunk at autoblog posted this on June 5th about the BMW Emergency Stop Assist concept:

BMW X5 passout emergency

Senior citizens who are at heightened risk for heart attack and strokes or those with diabetes often stop driving to keep both themselves and other motorists safe in the event that they have a medical issue while behind the wheel. Others ignore the risk factors and continue to drive until something happens to themselves or others, while still others often suffer completely unforeseen medical events. Regardless of whether you are young or old, sick or healthy, BMW is working on a new safety system called Emergency Stop Assistant which will safely bring one’s vehicle to a stop during a medical calamity.

According to BMW, its new experimental system will sense medical dangers for the driver. When a serious medical issue is detected, the system will switch over to an autonomous driving mode to safely stop the vehicle out of harm’s way. The system is currently in development, and it promises to turn on the hazard lights, utilize radar tech to navigate the Bimmer through traffic, then slow the vehicle to a stop once it finds the shoulder. BMW’s existing Extended Emergency Call system would then call emergency services and provide the location of the vehicle. The system, if brought to production, could save lives while also giving those with medical issues peace of mind.

BMW is testing its Emergency Stop Assistant system as part of Smart Senior, a project launched by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in Germany. Official press release after the jump.

You can read Chris’ article and view BMW’s press release here.


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